Bouclé Cocoon Shrug

 Yesterday I finished my super sweet Bouclé Cocoon :) It turned out so great, I just want to wear it all the time <3


Little Cork Trees

Today, I got a little scrap yarn project for you: Little cork trees. All you need for this is a little bit of yarn and some old corks. 


Spekulatius and Oat Cookies

In Christmas season we all like to bake and eat cookies! :) Today I want to share some recipes for very delicious Spekulatius and oat cookies.

Spekulatius cookies
Perhaps not all of you know the Spekulatius cookies. That's a German classic when it comes to cookies. They have their very own sweet and spicy taste which comes from a special spice blend. If I got you curious now, just give this first recipe a try! :)


Knitting Nancy Rug

Some time ago, when we had to move the garden furniture into the winter garden, I thought something's missing here... a rug would be nice! And then I found my good old Knitting Nancy! :) And the plan was made! ;) I want to create a rug for the winter garden using the Knitting Nancy.
And that's how it turned out:


Basket Weave Pot Cozy

Yesterday I thought: why not crochet one of the pot cozies? I chose the basket weave pattern and got straight to work :)


Pot Cozy Star Pattern

As I wrote yesterday, I used a pattern for knitting my second pot cozy.
I've decided to use the star pattern.
Here you can see how it looks like:


Christmas Hyacinths

At the autumn-sale at the garden centre I saw these christmas hyacinths for almost no money. On the package it says that they will flower until christmas if you have them inside at a warm and light place.



For my sister's birthday I made her a cute mini-bag. She can use it as a nice desktop catch-all at work or at home for different purposes from storing fruit in the kitchen, collecting small items in the bathroom or in the living room.


World's most marvellous scarf!

I just finished my wonderful scarf! It turned out so great! :) For the first time I knitted buttonholes. This took a lot of patience but I did it! :)

For my scarf I used 250g Drops Eskimo Tweed yarn in light plum (great colour btw!), 9 mm circular needles and a simple ribbing stich.


Sweet Crochet Bunny

For a little boy in my family I made a really sweet crochet bunny.
It has a size of about 35 cm. I got the pattern from the german site Initiative Handarbeit and modified it a bit. (multiple colours, hanging ears, a face, a necklace with a crochet flower)
It was work for three days straight but it was absolutely worth it! In the end I kind of would have loved to keep him ;)


My own autumn wreath

Something I always wanted to do: creating my own door wreath. This autumn I did it!
I just picked a nice sunny day to go out and collect some things that I could use for my wreath. So I grabbed some leaves, cones and grasses.