Smaller Pouf with new Design

Because the first one turned out so great, I wanted to knit another pouf. But this time a smaller one and I wanted to mix things up a little bit and therefore, I included a stripe design. 


GONZALES The Angry Cactus - Free Pattern

Some time ago, I saw something like this while I was browsing around. Now I made my own!
Let me introduce to you: Gonzales the angry cactus! :)


Flowering Christmas Hyacinths

Do you remember my Christmas Hyancinths?

Apparently I was too late for getting them flowering until Christmas. But it is still very very nice to have them flowering and sweet-smelling now in the grey and snowy January weather :)


Felted Clutch - Part 1

First post in 2014: I wish all of you a happy, crafty and really great New Year!! 

Today, I've got a premiere for you: For my birthday my sister gave me felt wool. That's something I haven't tried before. So, I started my first felting project! :)
I got about 200g felt wool in wool white and a 50g light plum left over from that wonderful scarf I made some weeks ago. For felting you can use every yarn that's made from 100% new wool. Don't use yarn that's made partly of synthetic material. That won't work. It's simply not going to felt because the synthetic material is added in order to avoid felting while machine washing the clothing. So, if you're bying clothes in a store it will always have an amount of synthetic material so that you can wash your clothes in the washing machine at home.

Anyway, my decision was made soon: I'm going to felt a Clutch bag!