My Favorite Summer Recipes: Currant Special

I got one and a half kilogram of red and black currant this year! :) I'ver never had that much :)
And now I want to share with you my delicious recipes...


How to wind a ball of yarn & my first KAL

I've started attending my first KAL (Knit along) :) And because I'm using skeins of wool, I thought it would be nice to show you how you can wind your own ball of yarn. This is useful for both winding a skein of yarn and sometimes you've got leftover yarn that you want to wind into a nice ball to store it.


Powder Pink Lace Shawl - free pattern

A few days ago I finished this precious powder pink lace shawl! :) I'm so crazy in love with it! <3 When I found the pattern online I instantly wanted to start knitting it. :)
In this post I want to show you how beautiful the shawl turned out, where you can find the pattern and I also want to show you how to graft this shawl together.


My favorite summer recipes: Mint'n'Lemon Iced Tea

Today I've got something very simple and refreshing on hot summer days for you. One of my favorite Iced Tea recipes: The Mint'n' Lemon Iced Tea :)


My favorite summer recipes: Coffee Syrup

Summer is here, and there's nothing better than being outside and enjoy the warm breeze, the sun and some of summer's specials like lots of fruits and different sweets.
This is why I want to start a new series to share my favorite summer recipes with you!
Throughout the summer I will share all kinds of recipes of the things that I make and those I especially like :)

Here we go!
My favorite Summer Recipes Series