Four Color Stranding - Is It Worth The Trouble?

I am now working on the second sleeve for my Masterpiece cardigan. And once again I am all tangled up with four colors of yarn that I am somehow handling all at the same time.


Christmas Presents And The New Year

Hej everyone! I hope you're all still full from all the food from the Christmas holidays! I know I am! :) Today I want to show you some knitted Christmas presents I made and also what a really cool gift I gave myself this year!


Tutorial: Italian Tubular Cast on

Today I'm going to show you my current project that I am working on (besides some Christmas gifts of course :) ) and I will also give you a photo tutorial on the absolutely great Italian Tubular Cast On!


GIANT Antares

I am so excited! Because today I want to offer you all a free additional size for the Antares Shawl.
I knitted a very classic version of this pattern which I really love and would like to share with you.