Nov 19, 2014

Red Passion Shawl

I made this shawl for my sisters birthday. Now we have the same one in two different colours! :)

You may recognize this shawl from my first WIP-Wednesday post some weeks ago. It has been finished! :)
Last weekend it was my sisters birthday and the shawl was my present for her :) So, that's why I couldn't show you the finished shawl earlier.

It is the second time I knitted this shawl. I made the same one in powderpink for myself in june this year. You can find the post, some tips for grafting and blocking this shawl, as well as a link to the free pattern here.

Of course I had to try on the shawl before giving it away ;) So, here you can see some suggestions on how to wear a shawl like this.

I've got to say, I really like the red version and the colour my sister picked! Very feminine and pretty... :) <3

I didn't want to wrap the shawl, but put it in a very nice box. (like I did with the Bealin Infinity Scarf) Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right one, so I made a box by myself from cardboard and spray painted it bronze. I also made a banderole from packaging paper and used a leather band to finish everything off with a cute little ribbon :)
And this is what it looked like:

We unpacked it together in skype and I got to see her smiling face when she saw what was in my present for her :) This always is the best part!!

She already sent me a picture while she was wearing the shawl to work :) I'm happy to give her days now a little bit more colour and coziness :)

So, I have a question for you: How do you package your knitted presents? Do you wrap them? Or put them into a box like I do? Or are you maybe putting them into a little paper bag? Tell me! I'm always open for some inspiration and new and other ways to do things! :)

Have a great week everyone!

Psst! You can also find this project on Ravelry ;)

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