Fern Lace Shawl

This is going to be the last one of my "Christmas present"-posts. But I still want to show this shawl to you because this was the present for my mom! (And I'm still in winter mode because we have so much snow! :) )

For this rather big shawl I used three balls of Drops Delight yarn in color green/beige. I chose this color because I knew my mom would like it :)
I also used a Drops pattern, called Drops 152-4 French Rivera. Like all the Drops patterns, this is a free pattern, which you can find HERE.

It took me only ten days to knit this one and I am happy how it turned out. It was the first time I was using sock yarn to make a shawl.

I really like the fern lace at the bottom, very pretty! And of course, a stockinette body always gives an elegant and feminine look. :)

Because this shawl is so big you really can wrap yourself up in it! You know, I love things like this! :)

You can find this project and all infos on Ravelry.

And last but not least, I don't want to keep you from what keeps inspiring me: stunning nature in every season of the year :) This is the absolutely beautiful view out of my bedroom window every morning right now... <3

Have a great weekend everyone!! :)


  1. Very nice ! I use frequently sock yarn for my shawls... It's great !!!

    Look here :





    Enjoy !!!

    Hélène from http://dheleneetdutissu.blogspot.fr/

  2. Hi Helene!
    Thank you! Yes, I definately enjoyed working with the sock yarn and I will use this kind of yarn again for shawls in the future!
    Unfortunately, somehow only the last link to your blog works. But I took a look around and you are really making very beautiful garments and shawls! Are you on facebook?