Sep 23, 2015

14 Sweaters to knit this Winter!


Fall has arrived and it's time to decide what sweater to knit for the colder days that are coming!
I have browsed around through all the new patterns this year and picked some beautiful ones for your inspiration.

I organized all those lovely patterns in 7 different categories, so you can easily decide what kind of sweater you may want to knit this fall! Have fun!


The first category is cable sweaters.  I really like cables and I love to knit them. Here are two new sweater patterns that feature a cable pattern.

Tucker Sweater by Amanda Scheuzger (Interweave Knit, Fall 2015)

I think this sweater is so precious. I really love the horizontal cable pattern at the top and the otherwise plain stockinette for the body - lovely combination!

Cherrywood by Kristen TenDyke (twist collective fall 2015)

Subtile cable pattern at the bottom combined with bold color! That's what I like! ;)



Patterns that include stripes are always popular and perfect for creating a big effect without too much trouble when knitting. 

DrawingStraws by La Maison Rililie

Make this one with long sleeves, with short sleeves or why not a long and a short one?! :)

Agnes by Jared Flood (BT Winter 15)

Jared Flood designs a lot of beautiful garments, just like this lovely sweater with stripes that are bold in size and color.
There are a lot of possibilities and potential in color choice with this one!


An all time favorite! Fun to knit and so so beautiful...

Early Frost Pullover by Stefanie Schuster (Winter's Sky Collection FW 2015)

This is a light weight pullover from my Winter's Sky collection. It has a very beautiful lace pattern both the front and the back.
This pattern really pops if you use a hand-dyed or other special yarn. Be bold and make it your masterpiece :)

Florence Pullover by Paula Wiśniewska 

This one is also light weight with 3/4 sleeves. I love the lace pattern that's partial on the sleeves as well as around the neckline - very pretty!


Now it's time for some sweaters that bring you color to lighten your mood during dark winter days!!!  :)

Pierrot Sweater by

I love the orange in this sweater! But of course: choose different colors and achieve a whole different outcome! I can't wait to see a lot of projects on Ravelry for this one!
Ps. This sweater would also make a very great kids sweater in my opinion!

Shawl Shirt by Susanne Sommer 

Turning a shawl into a shirt! Great!
Even better: Knitting this one with long sleeves and voila! You got yourself a shawl sweater! Maybe adding a third color for the sleeves... contrasting or balancing colors - your choice! :)


Simple & Texture

That's one of my favorite kind of sweaters. Because they go with everything, are easy to dress up or down and often timeless designs.

Earthen Pullover by Kiri FitzGerald-Hillier (knit.purl Fall/Winter 2015)

This sweater has a sloped hem. That's really something different I think. I also like the big cowl neck.
And again: Simply make long sleeves and you're ready for lower tempertatures.

Stråle by Bristol Ivy (woolfolk collection fw 15)

I love the lines on the sides and sleeves in this one. They all come from the back neckline. Really lovely! What I also like about this sweater is the V-neck. I personally like V-necks, but they're not to find that often in sweater patterns in my opinion. 

Stranded/ Fair Isle

Of course this catgory can't be missing! I never made a sweater like this but I decided that's gonna be my challenge this year! I am going to make one! I just have to decide which one... there are so many fabulous patterns out there! Two of them are here:

Bridget Pullover by Michele Rose Orne 

Oh these colors!! :) Oh the color possibilities!!
I like especially about this one that the stranded pattern is that broad and that it's again on the sleeves.

Shetland Rose Cardigan by Geoffrey Hunnicutt (2015 Fair Isle Collection)

I don't know how long this is going to take to knit, but I know it's definately worth it! All those details! I adore this cardigan, so I just had to add it here. But I will start with a stranded yoke project first ;)


And I also have some patterns to knit for your men! :)

Finnley by Drops Design (Inspiration 185)

Technically, that's a jacket. But you could easily knit it as a sweater, too. I love the pattern, especially the combination of the vertical cables and the horizontal lines on the upper back.
It also has a pocket in the front and can be made as a set together with the matching hat.

VinterSol Sweater by Stefanie Schuster

I am am finally ready to start writing up a pattern for my wonderful men sweater that I designed at the very end of last year. I've gotten several requests for a pattern, so I am going to make one! :)
I'll keep you updated when it's about to be released!


I hope you like  my suggestions. Maybe you've also found some very pretty new sweater patterns that you want to share!
Feel free to comment, or share something on facebook with me!

Happy knitting!


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