Oct 14, 2015

WIP-Wedesday: Aidez Front Panels

Time for an update on my Aidez Cardigan! :)

The front panels are knitted and blocked.

As I mentioned in my first WIP post, I want to have some buttons in the front.
So, I made some small changes to fit in buttonholes.
I decided to knit the collar in rib stich and to skip one row of the ear of corn pattern for that.
Then I could easily create some buttonholes in the rib collar on the right front. For the size of my buttons, I bound off 2 sts and added them again in the following row.

I also didn't bind off the neck extensions, so that I can join them with kitchener later. I think that's better.

So, this is where my buttons will be.
They match just perfect, yay! :)

Ok, that's my quick update. I like my changes and I am happy to be able to button up this cardigan later! Now the sleeves are next.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week everyone!

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