Sunburnt Shawl

This lace shawl is going to be a present for a 60th wedding anniversary!

Being married for 60 years - that's truly inspiring!

I knitted Sunburnt by Nidhi Kansal in Drops Alpaca for this wonderful occasion.

The color is 2923 yellow which I had in my stash.

The shawl only used about 90g, which also made it a very quick knit.
It really was quick, only took me a few evenings. The lace is only 24 rows, but just 6 of them are actual "lace rows" (the once that make the pattern).

It is constructed from the bottom up and starts with the ostrich plumes lace edge. A beautiful lace stich that is a bit confusing to knit. (at least I felt that way)

But since it is lace, you'll need a lot of strechiness at the bottom for blocking. I couldn't find the perfect cast on, so I eventually decided on using a provisional cast on and adding a bind off row at the end.

When finished with the lace, the stockinette body is shaped through short rows and bound off once all the stiches are picked up.
For the bind off at the top I used lace bind off as suggested in the pattern. And after that I picked up those cast on stiches and did elastic bind of at the bottom. As it turned out later while blocking: Perfect decision!

But maybe I should have used elastic bind off on the top as well. It could be a little bit more elastic there as well.

The ostrich plumes lace in combination with the stockinette body form a very beautiful and elegant shawlette. I hope it will be very well received.

You can find this project on Ravelry here.

Have a great week!


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