Little Cork Trees

Today, I got a little scrap yarn project for you: Little cork trees. All you need for this is a little bit of yarn and some old corks. 

I got the idea from the one dog woof blog, where you can find some patterns for this project as well. 
I modified the patterns a little bit because I used different kinds of yarn and had to adapt in order to fit the tree tops to my corks. 
It is a very easy and quick thing to make, as the trees are very little (what makes them so cute :) ) and only single crochet stich is used. Therefore, even if you are a beginner: Go for it! :)

All patterns follow the same basic pattern:
(st = stich; inc = increase - make 2 st into 1 st)

1. make 4 st into a magic ring
2. make 1 st into every st (= 4 st)
3. *inc 1, make 1 st into next 2 st* repeat from * to * (= 8 st)
4. make 1 st into every st (= 8st)
5. *inc 1, make 1 st into next 3 st* repeat from * to * (=10 st)
6. make 1 st into every st (= 10 st)
7. *inc 1, make 1 st into next 4 st* repeat from * to * (= 12 st)
8. make 1 st into every st (= 12 st)
...continue until your tree fits your cork. If you want to have a "higher" tree, add some rounds with 1 st into every st.
You may want to use a stich marker, but that's up to you.

For the champagne cork (which gives a more compact tree like a deciduous tree) I followed the pattern until there are 5 stiches between each increase. After the following round of 1 st into every st, I made a different increasing round:

*make 1 st into next 2 st, inc 1* repeat from * to *

And then again one round of  1 st into every st. This way, I got the tree top fitted to my champagne cork without the tree being too high. (it's the one with the light green yarn in the picture above)

If you want to have a Christmassy touch for decoration (like me :) ) just cut a short piece of coloured yarn, thread it into a needle and make some stiches from the inside of the tree top and there you have a Christmas tree! :)

Have fun trying this cute little project! :)

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