Aug 12, 2014

Summer Project: Amors Arrow Sweater

Today I'm revealing what I've been knitting this summer! :)
The Amors Arrow Sweater! I'm so very happy with this knit! It fits perfectly, it's soft and airy and cozy and so beautiful...

And I also have the perfect soundtrack for this post for you, listen while reading...
(I'm listening while writing ;) ) Warning: very catchy ;)

Music ready? Let's go! :)

I'm ready for fall season now. Look at this pretty arrowhead lace pattern. (This is why I gave this sweater its name, because the arrows just hit me ;) )
It's perfect for late summer/early fall, when the last sunbeams warm your skin...

I finished the armholes with a crochet shell stich. It matches the arrowhead lace quite nicely I think. And it gives the whole sweater a soft feminine touch.

In the front, I decided to knit a sweetheart neckline. I did this using short rows.
I didn't want to have a straight line in order to avoid possible bra-exposure ;) (and I also love sweetheart necklines) A straight line would have to be further up, which would minimize the lace area and reduce the size of the armhole, as I wanted to keep it simple in knitting this piece.
The body part is knitted in the round (so, when the body part is finished, the lower edge of the armholes is set). Then the lace part is knitted straight up from the front half and grafted again in the back. (leaving an open neckline of course) So, there's nothing special made to shape armholes, they are just "left open", if you will.

Something, that's indeed special, is the ribbing at this sweater :)
I chose to knit a rick-rack ribbing at the bottom. I've never tried this before. But I think it's so so pretty!
Like little braids... (and not that hard to knit either)

Now comes the best part! :) I have been busy the last few days, but I am very excited to share the pattern for the Amors Arrow Sweater with you guys!!! :)

View and download my free pattern >>HERE<<

I hope you'll all like it. If you're going to knit this one, I would really like to see some pictures! :) (send me a mail, post on facebook or show me on ravelry, as you like :) )

Have a great and sunny week everyone!! :) :)

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