GONZALES The Angry Cactus - Free Pattern

Some time ago, I saw something like this while I was browsing around. Now I made my own!
Let me introduce to you: Gonzales the angry cactus! :)

This really cute guy got a place in my new workspace, right next to my sewing machine. There he will always keep the pins ready for me now.

Crocheting Gonzales took me about one evening. To make him able to stand upright I put two tea lights in the bottom of his pot. A stone or some cherry stones or something similar would work fine as well.

Because he is very useful and I like him so much, I want to share my pattern with you.

Free Pattern: GONZALES the angry cactus

Terms used:
mr n: crochet n single crochet stiches into a magic ring
sc n: make n single crochet stiches
inc: increase (make two single crochet stiches into the same stich)
dec: decrease (crochet two stitches together using the invisible decrease method)
hdc: half double crochet stich
dc: double crochet stich
ch: chain stich
sl st: slip stich
st: stich
*...*: repeat instructions between the stars until end of round
(n): number of stiches in the round

I used worsted weight yarn and crochet hook 2,5 mm.

mr 5 with green yarn
1. inc every st (10)
2. *sc, inc* (15)
3. *sc 2, inc* (20)
4. *sc 3, inc* (25)
5. *sc 4, inc* (30)
6. *sc 5, inc* (35)
7.-13. sc in every st (35)
14. *sc 5, dec* (30)
15. sc in every st (30)
16. *sc 4, dec* (25)
17. sc in every st (25)
18. *sc 3, dec* (20)
19. sc in every st (20)
20. sc in every st (20)
21. *sc 2, dec* (15)
22. sc in every st (15)
change colour to brown
23. sc in every st (15)
24. *sc 2, inc* (20)
25. *sc 3, inc* (25)
cut yarn, weave in end
embroider face
stuff head

mr 4 with orange yarn
1. inc every st (8)
2. *sc, inc* (12)
3. sc in every st (12)
4. *sc, inc* (18)
5. *sc,  inc* (27)
6.- 14. sc in every st (27)
15. sl st 3, dc in every st, ch st (27)
16. hdc in every st (27)
17. sc in every st (27)
18. hdc into every dc of round 15, ch st (27)
cut yarn, leave tail to sew on head

weave red yarn between dc stiches (alternate in front and behind a dc)
put weight into the pot (e.g. tea light or stone) and put a little stuffing on top
sew head onto pot (sew right under dc stiches)
tighten red yarn a bit and tie a bow

Have fun crocheting your own little GONZALES! :)
Bye bye! ;)

This pattern is my own and is protected by copyright laws.  It is intended for your personal use only. 
All other uses are prohibited. You are welcome to re-post this pattern including a link to this blog. Please do not claime it as your own. This pattern and items made from it may not be sold or used for monetary gains.
© 2014 thedrizzleofhoney

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