Asymmetric Alpaca Shawl

I'm happy to show you this absolutely beautiful asymmetric alpaca shawl that I made as a Christmas present for my grandma.

As my gradma knitted for decades herself when she was younger and she also introduced me to knitting as a kid, I thought it would be nice to make her a shawl that she can cozy up in when it's cold outside. Turns out: this was one of the best ideas ever! ;)

For this project I used Drops Alpaca Mix in winered.
The perfect yarn for this shawl! A fine, soft and cozy yarn that brings nice shades because of the mixed colors.

The shawl is made from the lovely Nurmilintu pattern by Heidi Alander.
It alternates between garter stich and lace sections which combine very nicely!

I was feeling so absolutely comfy wearing this shawl! (while the photos were made ;) )
Maybe I will make one more for myself. It has the perfect size, I SO love the asymmterical shape, the yarn is so soft, fine and delicate, yet a bit fluffy. It's wearable in different ways, and is also different from the average scarf or cowl.

And my grandma was so excited! She didn't even fully unpack her present and just started questioning ful of excitement: Did you knit this? Is it a shawl? Is it triangular? Well, that's a great present! That's really a wonderful present! :)
This made me so happy :)

And after I showed her the little beads I added at the end of every lace section, her smile became even bigger and she said, this is just perfect! :)
She wraped herself directly in the shawl and went to the mirror, spinning herself around, looking from all angles. I found it was so cute ;)

I'm really glad that she appreciated this gift that much!!

I am happy to have found some time between all the snow shoveling these days, to show you this shawl. I have one "Christmas present"-post left.
Soon, I want to start knitting a summer dress for myself. Wohoo!! :) Then there will be some more posts again, I think. :)
Otherwise I am working on my first pattern collection right now. Maybe some of you already know this from my facebook page ;)
Stay curious! ;)

I wish you all a wonderful and hopefully sunny weekend!


You can find this project and the link to the free pattern on Ravelry.

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