WIP-Wednesday: Aidez Cardigan

I love cables! I love how they look and I love knitting them. So, I've had the Aidez cardigan on my radar for a while now.

Since this so lovely cardigan is a free pattern (which you can find here), a lot of people in the knitting community are knitting it at some point. I find it amazing how popular this pattern is!
On Ravelry there are now 4060 projects in the 5 years that this design is available. That's over 800 Aidez cardigans a year! :)

And they are made in many different versions. As an open cardigan (as designed), with belt, with added buttons or a zipper, knitted in pieces and then seamed, knitted seamlessly in one piece, with different collars or with a hood or added pockets, using differnt kinds of yarn, and so on... it's just fun to browse through all these FO's :)

So, I wanted to knit one for myself as well. But I was looking for the right yarn but liked the color that is used for the sample in the pattern. Although, while looking through all the projects on Rav, I also liked all the red-ish ones and grey ones.

A while ago I frogged another project or experiment that I was making. (I wrote about it on the blog here) This project fell into my hands again and tadaa! There was my yarn! So, I unraveled the whole thing and re-used this yarn.

Garnstudio Drops Karisma is a 100% wool, superwash treated DK weight yarn. The color is 54 beige brown. Perfect for this project!!

I also have some darker wooden buttons that are matching just perfectly. So, I am going to change the collar a little bit in order to add some buttonholes for those cuties ;)

For now, the back is ready and blocked. I am knitting this cardigan in pieces and seam it afterwards, as intended by the designer. I think this will give a good fit. We'll see! :)

Look at those pretty cables <3

I am already excited how this will turn out and happy that I made the decision to re-use this yarn for this project!

I'm about to have several projects on my needles for the next weeks, some birthdays are coming up and I am also knitting samples for new designs. So, I hope this cardigan won't take until snow is falling. ;) 

Have a great week everyone!

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