WIP Wednesday: Joining the Masterpiece :)

While enjoying spring's first sunbeams and a coffee on the terrace, I joined the body and sleeves of my Masterpiece cardigan last week.  Here's a short WIP update for you! :)

What's happening on my knitting needles? Still the four color stranded cardigan! :)

This one really takes its time, but that fits me just perfect right now. Something that slows things down a bit everytime you grab it to work on it.

So, last week I finally managed to finish the second sleeve. Now all three parts, sleeves and body, could be joined together.

And I decided to use my coffee break to do that!
(this way, I'd also have the perfect excuse to extend the break a bit to enjoy the sun on my skin :) )

A while ago I made a tutorial on how to join sleeves and body in a bottom up constructed sweater, if you're interested you can find this post here.

So, now here I am again, stranding with four colors :) This time knitting the yoke.

I already made two decrease rounds, so I have four, possibly five, to go. I'll have to see how wide I'll knit the yoke.

While knitting, I am simply fascinated watching the pattern grow and form itself. So, I'm really enjoying this knit! Also, it really is the challenge I hoped it will be. So, I can practice and learn a lot from it.
Although I am still a bit afraid of the steeking. But  in the end it probably isn't that scarry... at least I hope so... ;)

I hope you enjoyed the quick update. Have a great week everyone!


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