Emotions Shawl Collection

I am very happy and proud to announce that my new pattern collection is now available! It includes three shawl patterns for spring and summer.

I gave the collection the name Emotions. All the designs are inspired by our emotions and deepest feelings. So, there's a lot of love in all the designs.
All three patterns are very different from each other. As our emotions can have so various appearances and endless amounts of shades, the designs of the Emotions collections reflect this fact by being constructed in different shapes and bringing a lot of colors.
I want to show them to you.

The first design is Sugar.
Sugar is inspired by all the happiness in life: those moments when you‘re having butterflies, the sun is warming your heart or when your inner child takes over.

As you can see this shawl has a triangular shape which is formed by asymmetric increases. You'll begin with only two stiches and then it starts to grow continuesly with every row.
Sugar is knitted mainly in garter stich and it still brings just the right amount of spice through delicate, yet easy to remember, lace sections and slip stich rows. Sugar is the perfect accessory for mild spring chills or beginning fall and will always remind you of the best and happiest times!

Sugar is designed for fingering weight yarn on bigger needles, so it's an airy and wonderfully light shawl.

The sample in the picture is made with Drops Alpaca yarn in red purple, dark pink and wheat on 4mm/ US 6 needles.

You can find the pattern for Sugar here

The second design is Contrast.
And there is contrast in color, pattern and construction. This may seam a bit much but it becomes very beautiful and put together viewed as a whole from a little bit of distance.
And isn't that how life sometimes is? You feel stuck and can‘t see a way, but if you manage to step back just a little bit or take a break, then you can see it all coming together. The courage to do so and the relief to be able have found a way to open your mind is reflected in this beautiful design.
Contrast is  a very light lace stole that is kept simple and elegant with stockinette, reverse stockinette and eyelet lace sections. It is knitted in the bias and the two sections of Contrast‘s classic pattern are alternated throughout, framed by a garter border.
Choose contrasting colored lace yarns or take a little bit edginess off by choosing two colors in harmony. Be free to experiment!

The pictured sample is made with Drops Lace yarn in light grey and turquoise on 3,5mm/ US 4 needles.

You can find the pattern for Contrast here

And the third design is Soulmate.
This crescent shaped shawl is inspired by the need to receive a sincere and gentle hug from time to time. And Soulmate will give you all the size, softness and lightness a shawl can offer, so you can
enjoy a little heartfelt love everytime you wrap yourself in it.

Knitting Soulmate, you'll sart with a small garter tab cast on and then spread the wings through increases of 6 stiches per two rows. Alternated stockinette, reverse stockinette and eyelet lace sections make this shawl a de-stressing and relaxing knit while the two colors and a beautiful lace edging keep things interesting.
Choose two harmonizing colors of fingering or sock weight yarn, cast on and enjoy!

The pictured sample is made with Drops Baby Merino yarn in light beige and light yellow on 4mm/ US 6 needles.

You can find the pattern for Soulmate here

Those are my three spring and summer designs from the Emotions collection!
I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

But that's not all! I have another really cool thing for you! I mean, if you're like me and want to start knitting right away once you've all things together: yarn, needles and the pattern. Ready to start a new project!

While designing the shawls, I thought about how I can improve the experience of knitting one of my patterns for you. And after a while, my mind caught the idea of a new kind of instruction that allows you see instantly how the design is constructed and to start without reading several pages first.
I developed something I call schematic instructions.

This means there is a schematic drawing of the shawl, accompanied by shortened instructions, that
still contain all the information you need to successfully knit your project.
And the last weeks of testknitting showed me that this really was a great idea. The testers just LOVED the schematics! And I had a big smile on my face every time a lovely comment was shared in the test threads!
And I hope that you will have the very same big smile while knitting one of my designs.

But now click the button below and have a look for yourself! I'm excited to see what you think! :)

(please click the pages to enlarge and read them)

Or, you can go directly to my Ravelry Shop to see the pattern pages!

Have a great weekend and HAPPY KNITTING!!!! :)


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