1 hat, 2 hats, 3 hats

Fall is here! Perfect time to knit some hats! :)

Who doesn't like knitting hats? They are so satisfying and quick to knit.
I haven't been much of a hat knitter so far, but this year I'm taking it to another level.

My man left his (then) favorite hat at a hotel some time ago and since then he has been a little bit angry with himself. So, I thought I'll knit him his new favorite hat!

The first one I made is Amanara hat.

This a lovely cabled hat by Valeria Garcia.
I used some left over Drops Karisma in petrol cerise and 4mm needles.

It was a quick knit, although the longest of all three hats. But all the cabling took some time. I love knitting cables, so I really enjoyed knitting this one. (see this project on Ravelry)

He was very happy about having a new hat and loved the pattern! It also fits perfectly, the only little disturbing thing about this hat as time progressed and fall eventually arrived for good:
It's a little too thin when the wind is blowing.

So, I started to think about hat number two.
I call it PetrolGray (because I can't think of a clever name yet).

I improvised a simple hat with a small 4 stitch repeat fair isle pattern. And I knitted this one on my Duo 80 knitting machine. (wanted to try that for a while)
It's a double layered hat (to fight off wind and cold).
On the outside I used alpaca yarn for a maximum of warmth and on the inside I used some merino yarn I had left for a maximum of softness. (to make sure there is no itching what so ever)

He’s totally in love with this double faced hat, it’s exactly what he wanted he says. (so I got him right ;) ) It’s warm, it’s soft, it’s very masculine (guess I chose the right colors too :) )
10/10! :)

It's now his go-to-hat.

But still, I had some Malabrigo Rios in pearl left that I couldn't bear sitting there in my stash. So, what to do?
Oh! I know! Let's make another hat! A really warm, wind proof, super cozy double layer worsted weight merino one!
And Double Mocha was casted on!

For this one I also used a free pattern, because I just wanted to start this project and work with this lovely yarn!

And this knitted up so quickly on 4,5mm needles, that I had to find some matching color already the next day.
Fluffy Drops Big Merino in mocha catched my eye. (also a very beautiful colorway, which gave this hat it's name)

The hat is very simple. Provisional cast on, stockinette stich in the round, and after finshing the first half (or the "first hat"), using the stitches from the cast on and knitting an identical second half to it.

Fold both hats into one another and that's it!

Super easy and the perfect in-between-relax-knitting-in-front-of-the-tv project.

And of course the hat is wearable both ways.

This will be the perfect hat for winter!

I'd like to say "we have a winner", but they surely are all winners! Three new perfect hats! And a happy man :)
Doesn't get better than that ;)

I have one more thing I want to show you. Because fall brings another great treat: The final harvest of the gardening season! :) I was so happy, I have to share this with you!

Look at this! I had such beautiful and colorfull beets this year! So lovely! And I'd never thought there would be so many onions left at this point.

And a lot of different pumkins. I had them the first time this year, but they will stay! They are so delicious - unbelievable!

Even my three little bunnies thought so :)

(sorry for the shaky picture, they just wouldn't sit still with all those yummy pumpkins in front of their noses :) )

I wish you a wonderful week, hopefully filled with a lot of knitting time! :)


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