Jun 19, 2017

New Design - Wind & Waves Shawl

I'm very happy to announce that my new design the gorgeous Wind & Waves summer shawl is now available on Ravelry for download!

Let me start off the summer feeling with a brand new and beautiful design: Wind & Waves Shawl

This wonderfully long shawl is shaped asymmetrically in a free form that's knitted in the bias from the bottom up.
Bias knitting is always a pleasure. And knitting the shawl bottom up is perfect for you if find yourself getting a little bit bored with 300+ stitches on one row like there are in crescent shaped shawls, because it keeps the rows rather short and you can see your project grow much faster.

To knit Wind & Waves, you'll need fingering weight yarn in two different colors:
Color A: about 350-380m/ 383-416yds (Garnstudio Drops Baby Merino in 02 ivory in the pictured sample), and
Color B: about 320-350m / 350-383yds (Malabrigo Sock in 474 caribeno in the sample shown)
Or get insppired by the yarns others have used for their projects so far.

The testkitters LOVED the shawl! And they also loved the schematic instructions which are (besides fully written instructions) also included with the pattern. In fact, the schematic instructions have always been a favorite for everyone working with my patterns.
What's special about this kind of instructions is that you can (if you want to) work the entire pattern from one page only. On this page, a schematic drawing of the design is provided, along with shortened written instructions.
It's perfect for you if you love working from charts and don't like to read a lot of text while knitting or like to find where you are in the pattern in an instant. Because that's exactly what the schematic instructions are for. They allow you to instantly see how the design is constructed, to start knitting immediately and always see where you are right now in just a second.
The pattern for Wind & Waves shawl includes the schematic instructions on a single printer friendly b/w page.

So, choose two of your favorite fingering yarn skeins and feel how the pattern flows.
Wind & Waves combines rich texture, lovely stripes and airy garter stitch. The balance between very light lace sections, gentle texture sections and a little more fluffy garter stripes create a wonderful drapey fabric that you'll love! For an even lighter and softer drape, use light fingering weight yarn.

Wind & Waves shawl is simply wonderful for cool summer breezes or covering your shoulders to protect them from the sun. The perfect feel-good and stylish accessory for your summer outfit.

Hop over and take a look at all the beautiful projects already made from the pattern!

And if you're posting on social media, feel free to use #WindWavesShawl or #thedrizzleofhoney, so we can all see your fabulous project!

I hope you like the design and love working with the pattern as much as I loved designing and writing it for you.

Wind & Waves - airy softness and heavenly drape

I wish you a wonderful day!

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