Nov 4, 2018

The Drizzle of Honey goes Etsy!

Hey everyone!

Wow, it's been a long time...

But you know, I took a baby break. YES! We have a cute little baby boy now!!
He's just the best <3 I couldn't imagine life without him anymore. He turned 1 in September, so now he's in pre school and I am back to work.

SOOOOO.... I've also been very busy. There are going to be a few changes around here on the blog.
Because the blog really needs a fresh face and because I do now not only sell patterns on Ravelry, but I've recently opened my own Etsy Store as well!!
I'm soo excited! There are only a few items on there right now, but I will add additional items in the next time. There's soo much to do! Anyone of you who has an Etsy store themselves might know.But I am so happy! This is a very big step for me!

At the same time I have so many new design ideas that want out of my head, that I can't wait to start working on a new pattern design as well. This all really stocks up inside one's head when you're taking a break.

So like our little one, this was short and sweet :)
And I hope to see you all around here more often now.

XOXO, Stefanie :)

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