Mar 17, 2019

Pattern Release: Daylight Shawl

I have a new design up on Ravelry: Daylight Shawl!

Daylight Shawl - Flowing drape and colorful textures to brighten up your day.

Today I am very proud to finally be able to release the pattern for Daylight Shawl :)

This is my first pattern release since maternity leave and to celebrate that and because you all deserve a gift, the pattern is available for only 1€ for the first 48 hours - enjoy!

Daylight Shawl is a lofty triangular shawl that brings four different colors together and combines them using beautiful texture and light slipped stitch elements to create airy goodness to wrap yourself in.
Its textures use different slip stitch techniques as well as relaxing moss stitch. I-cord bind off brings a nice finish to this wonderfully light and drapey shawl that surely will brighten up your day.
Feel free to play with colors or work with natural tones, you won’t be disappointed by their interactions within the structures and patterns. Or why not dive for some left overs to use as main colors, because they don’t need as much yarn. Get creative and play with some colors to compose your very own lifter-of-spirits.

When I designed this shawl, I had an irresistable need in my body for some color and for trying out some color and stitch combinations. I started designing this one in the last days of 2018. So it was December and it was cold and dark and I wanted to create something that will lift your spirit and brighten your mood when knitting and when wearing this design. Slipped stitches are always fun to knit, so they come to you wearing different faces in this pattern. While the relaxing moss stitch sections will calm you down in between.
Designing and sample knitting always soothe my mind while at the same time making it fly. I'm so happy to be able to share all that with you.

But now let's get a bit more technical:

Yarn requirements: 
You will need round about 700m/765yds of fingering weight yarn in total.

CC: about 280m/ 306yds,
MC1: about 70m / 77yds,
MC2: about 160m / 175yds,
MC3: about 220m / 240yds of fingering weight yarn.

The shown sample is made in Manos Del Uruguay Alegria (Fondo Del mar - CC), Garnstudio Drops Baby Merino (21 black - MC1, 22 light grey - MC2, 02 off white MC3).

Gauge is not crucial for this project. You should have fun knitting this shawl. Choose your favorite yarn and colors and just get to work, let your mind flow... If you want to know, the gauge is 23sts/24rows = 10cm/4“ in moss stitch on 4mm/US6 needles after blocking.
If you happen to knit at a tighter gauge, your shawl will come out a little bit smaller than specified. On the other hand, if you happen to knit at a slightly looser gauge, you might end up with a slightly larger shawl.
But then again, you can always block your shawl more or less agressively depending on your preference. Although I do not recommend to block this design too aggressive because this will distort the slipped stitch sections.

Finished size:
about 160 x 115 x 200 cm / 64 x 46 x 80 inches

The pattern includes fully written instructions.
If you have bought previous patterns from me, you might know the schematic instructions. Those are unfortunately not included in this specific pattern.

Skill level:
This pattern is a great project for the advanced beginner that seeks a new skill. The shawl starts with 4 stitches at the bottom and increases on one side as you knit along.
Testknitter silkenswift mentioned that the used techniques in the pattern are “Good for someone who wants to practice stranding before having to manage two colors per row for fair isle knitting”.
And I think she's absolutely right. I haven't thought of this when designing the shawl, but since you're only handling one strand of yarn (or one color) at a time, you're still creating the lovely illusion of fair isle, this is perfect to practice if you've been intimidated by that technique and are ready to make one step towards it. It's simply the wonder of slipped stitches :)

Speaking of testknitting: This is one of my favorite parts when working on a new design. I am always grateful to find some knitters that want to help me make my patterns perfect. You truly are the best!
It's so exciting to see which yarn and colors you choose, to follow your progress and to hear what you think along the way. I love to add your improvements and follow up on your suggestions. Every testknit is also very educational and informative for me. I want you to have the best knitting experience with my patterns (and of course a happier day when wearing your FO!).
Without you my patterns wouldn't be what they could be - smooth to work with for you. I always value the feedback I'm getting from testers. For the pattern that they are currently testing as well as for future patterns.
It's important for me to take in all the feedback and learn from it to improve my work. Because I'm designing and wrinting my patterns for you, your opinion is most important to me. So thank you for your help testers!

Ok, I think that's it for today, I can't wait to see if you like Daylight Shawl :)

As always: Be sure to use #daylightshawl or #thedrizzleofhoney when posting on social media, so we can all see your wonderful project!

One last matter: I would like to start sharing your projects and the pictures of your progress and FOs on social media from time to time. So if you use those hashtags, I assume you are ok with that. If not, you can always pm me or email me at (the same goes for pattern questions btw) to let me know.
It really makes me happy to see your wonderful projects and I'd like to share this joy.

Happy knitting!

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