Mar 29, 2019

The Drizzle of Honey at Östgötadagarna 2019

I have some really great news today! I will be at Östgötadgarna 2019!

-New July update is here!-

This post is a very special post. Because it will never be finished, kind of.
I'd like to update this post from time to time and add some new infos and progress updates on the way to Östgötadagarna 2019.
I hope you'll like this kind of post, I'm trying something new here, and enjoy accompanying me on my journey.

Update July 2019

What a busy month July was...but I still somehow managed to sqeeze in a little bit of vacation time with my family :) After all, it was summer and I deserved a little vacation - and they did too! :)

If you're following me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have spend a lot of time on finalizing my booth. I have been very creative and crafted everything myself using a lot of felt cloth. The result really speaks for itself. Everything came out even better than I had in mind. That has been very motivating. Of course as the day of the event gets closer, you get more excited but more anxious as well. Thousands of thoughts cross your mind and all of a sudden there seem to be even more details that you haven't thought about but need your attention. (like that picture to the left: my man wanted to put all the letters together that I had worked on for two days and ended up messing up the piece of yarn on top, I was so excited I took a picture of it and proudly posted it on social media and only then I saw the flaw... no worries, everything is corrected and I wasn't even mad - he's just as excited about this big step as I am and those things are what trials are for :) )

There will also be a trial run of building up my booth as a whole this week. I am really looking forward to see all of the things finally come together and see if they can keep the promise they made me ;)
Because you know... you always have that great vision in your mind that you then try to create in reality.

So the final weeks are approaching and I am all up in last details and also still finalzing patterns for you to buy as kits. Strangely enough the less time there is left the more ideas that want to be realized pop into my head. I'll see how many of them I can get to. Of course I always only offer you the best of quality of all my products, so if something doesn't match those expectations it doesn't make the cut.

So looking forward to see you all :D


Update May/ June 2019

The past months have been very busy ones for me. There is a lot to prepare and think of if you're doing an event like this for the first time. But it's also very exciting :)

I've been thinking about how to arrange my booth, what to offer and show you all and spent a lot of time organizing. Now the big things are done. I have a booth and some pretty charming decorations for you to feel welcome and loved. Because it's very important to me that you do when visiting me. Knitting is all about relaxing and being cozy and in harmony with yourself. And I want to give you those feelings when you're here spending time with me and visiting my booth.

I will also offer yarn for you to buy along with my beautiful patterns (or on its own if you'd like to) and right now I am working on ready-to-wear knitted designs.
One more word about the patterns: I will offer patterns that you can already find in my Ravelry store as well as new patterns. And for the first time they will be available in Swedish as well. I haven't done this before, so this is big for me and I am very proud. I hope you'll appreciate them.

Of course there are lots of other things to remember and take care of. Like payment (check :) ) or packaging (check :) ). So I have been working a lot but I have also been forced to take a break in between. This has a wonderful reason though.
I am so so happy to share the news with all of you: Our little boy is going to be a big brother because we are having twins! Yay!! ♥♥
Never ever would I have thought that I would have twins some day, but here we are ;) We are very happy and proud to be given this wonderful experience that not so many can share. It really is a special time for us.

So, my twin belly and I are looking forward to meet you at Östgötadagarna 2019!

Stefanie :)

Update April 2019

Today I'd like to share some general info.

Östgötadagarna is a regional event within the Östergötland county in Sweden. This event encourages people to visit the beautiful countryside and see its diversity in nature and get to know local businesses and what they have to offer.
During the first weekend in September a lot of farmers invite to guided tours of their farms to show their work and their animals and give an opportunity to taste and buy their own produce, like cheese or meat. But also a lot of art galleries, antique stores and museums host open houses during this special weekend.
Every year about 170 businesses take part and open their doors for over 100 000 visitors to explore and experience.

And this year I will too! I'm so excited!
But where can you find me?

I will be at Hejtorp's Goat Farm with my own booth. You won't miss me :)
If you want to know more about the farm and their exqisite cheeses you can find their site here (in Swedish).

As I already mentioned, Östgötadagarna always take place during the first weekend of September, so this year it will be 7-8 September. Just like the farm, I will be there for you 10am to 4pm.
So far I have planned (and am working on) to offer knitting patterns (this time in Swedish as well!) and yarn which you can buy as a kit, as well as ready-to-wear knitwear and accessories designed and produced in my studio.
So, if you're arround, come and say hello and see my wonderful designs!
I'm looking forward to meet you! :)


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