The Drizzle of Honey at Östgötadagarna 2019

I have some really great news today! I will be at Östgötadgarna 2019!

-New April update is here!-

This post is a very special post. Because it will never be finished, kind of.
I'd like to update this post from time to time and add some new infos and progress updates on the way to Östgötadagarna 2019.
I hope you'll like this kind of post, I'm trying something new here, and enjoy accompanying me on my journey.

Update April 2019

Today I'd like to share some general info.

Östgötadagarna is a regional event within the Östergötland county in Sweden. This event encourages people to visit the beautiful countryside and see its diversity in nature and get to know local businesses and what they have to offer.
During the first weekend in September a lot of farmers invite to guided tours of their farms to show their work and their animals and give an opportunity to taste and buy their own produce, like cheese or meat. But also a lot of art galleries, antique stores and museums host open houses during this special weekend.
Every year about 170 businesses take part and open their doors for over 100 000 visitors to explore and experience.

And this year I will too! I'm so excited!
But where can you find me?

I will be at Hejtorp's Goat Farm with my own booth. You won't miss me :)
If you want to know more about the farm and their exqisite cheeses you can find their site here (in Swedish).

As I already mentioned, Östgötadagarna always take place during the first weekend of September, so this year it will be 7-8 September. Just like the farm, I will be there for you 10am to 4pm.
So far I have planned (and am working on) to offer knitting patterns (this time in Swedish as well!) and yarn which you can buy as a kit, as well as read-to-wear knitwear and accessories designed and produced in my studio.
So, if you're arround, come and say hello and see my wonderful designs!
I'm looking forward to meet you! :)


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