Jan 5, 2022

News January 2022

 Happy new (knitting) year to you all!!!! 🎇

I wish you all a happy, healthy and wonderful new year!

First off all, I want to thank you for your love and support, for welcoming me back to work after having my twins. It's so exciting to be able to do what I love - designing. And this year too I will strive to enrich your lives by providing you with gorgeous knit designs, addictive knitting experiences and beautiful self-made pieces in your wardrobe.

The question everyone asks as a year's going to end: What have you accomplished this year? I think we can all give ourselves a little compassion when asking this particular question. Because it has been another difficult year for everyone. That does include me too. 

But I do have some things I am proud of myself for.
I am proud of having my pre-baby weight back after having three children. I didn't manage that after the first one, but I did now. That makes me very happy. I've been working out, so there's also more muscle which makes me feel great. I feel so much better with less weight, it gives me a new feeling of myself.
This also means I'm eating better which is also something I've been struggeling with when the twins were babies. They are 2 now, so they don't need as much all around the clock care as they did before. So there's more time for cooking :)
In an effort to focus a bit more on self care (because that's important as everyone with kids can confirm) and my own psychological health I made some adjustments. For example in an effort to watch less TV  I've read 42 books last year, nearly all of them from my local library. (spend less money on books was a thing too) And this habbit sticks with me. I love it! I have always been a book reader but I lost it a little bit during the past years and I am very happy to have it back.
And of course I am very grateful to have found a way to be able to work again with all my boys at home. It's a challenge of course to work something out that works for everyone. And that's always our number one goal when changing something. It has to work for everyone in the family. And I think we are right on track. I'm proud of that.

I hope you too have some things your are proud of yourself.

New patterns


Three weeks ago I released Ember hat. I just loove this design!
If you're looking for a little variety from stockinette and garter stitch and are as fascinated by knitted texture as I am, then Ember hat is for you!


This hat is a gorgeous and cozy design that combines wonderfully rich texture with beautiful cables. The pattern features big and small cables, bobbles as well as a mini honeycomb pattern to complete the feminine design.

The pattern comes in three sizes:
Child (Adult small, Adult large)
to fit 50(56, 60)cm / 20(22, 24) inches head circumference and can be worked to make a beanie 20(22,22)cm / 8(9, 9) inches total length or slouch 24(26,26)cm / 9.5(10.5; 10.5) inches total length.
To make an even slouchier hat, the pattern has notes on how to easily adapt.

And it's a perfect stash buster too, using only between 180-220m/197-240yards of sport or DK weight yarn.

Have a look at the pattern in my Ravelry store here!


Sharing the spirit - new year, new design, three days ago I also released Emberly fingerless mitts which are matching Ember for a set of the two.

I had the thought of designing matching fingerless mitts already when I started working on Ember. And I moved through with it, very happy that I did.

Emberly fingerless mitts are very cute and a creative and intriguing knit. By themselves or together with the hat they will add a stylish and feminine touch to your outfit.

The pattern comes in three sizes:
Small (Medium, Large)
to fit 16(18, 20)cm / 6.5(7.25; 8) inches palm circumference
The pattern includes suggestions for you to personalize your mitts.

Using only between 90-120m/99-132 yards of sport or DK weight yarn it’s a perfect project to use your stash.

The set of hat and mitts is a great addictive knit based on the same rich texture.

Since this pattern is a new release, there's also the release promo still running until midnight January 9, 2022. Use code EMBERLY and get 20% off the pattern on Ravelry.
I have another offer running: If you buy Ember and Emberly together (put them both in your cart before check out) then you'll automatically receive Emberly 50% off.

Check out the pattern in my Ravelry store here!

Moving forward, planning, new ideas, new designs

During the last days of the year I've been thinking a lot about where I would like to go with my designs this year. And now I'm planning and working on new design ideas. 

So I thought, what would YOU like to knit this year???
What would you like me to design for you?
Are you planning to take on a knitting challenge for 2022? Do you want to knit a lot of sweaters or shawls or hats?
If you have wishes or suggestions for patterns you would like to knit, just let me know in the comments or on Instagram @thedrizzleofhoney !

I'm looking forward to hear from you!


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