Feb 3, 2022

News February 2022

Happy February! ;)

We were having a bit of a slow start into this new year. At least it feels like it. I have been so stressed out and now all the kids have been sick too. There just wasn't as much done as I'd liked it to be.

New design Alora skirt

Nonetheless, I am working on my new design Alora skirt! 
This one is going to be a knee length skirt in a very flattering shape with negative ease. I opted for a cute and simple knit-purl-pattern for relaxing knitting and a stretchy (=comfy) fabric.
The pattern will be for DK weight yarn so you'll get the perfect in between not-too-hot-yet-not-too-cold skirt for spring and/or fall season.

I'm really enjoying working on this design. The knit/purl texture is very meditative and flowing - a real breeze to knit. And I just adore the beautiful and classy pattern!

Since no one likes to sew after finishing a knitted project, I revisited the waist band construction from my previous skirt design Amaranth. (Which has a double width waistband that gets folded around the elastic and is then sewn onto the inside of the skirt.)
So, I came up with a solution that requires an absolute minimum of sewing. It's going to be a fold over waist band, knit to the skirt as you go. In the end you just thread the elastic through, sew it together (either by hand or using a sewing machine) and close the hole in the waist band.

It's very important for me that you love the process of knitting as well as the finished project when working with my patterns. And I hope you will like Aloras waistband construction.

As I am making good progress on the sample, I will start to finalize the pattern within the next week. And then of course it's time for test knitting! :)
If a knitted skirt is something that's missing from your selfmade wardrobe or you've never knitted a skirt but are interested to give it a try, be on the lookout on my Insta and my Ravelry group for the test to start soon!

Hope to see you there!



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