Apr 8, 2022

News April 2022

Hi everyone!

A lot is going on around here. So much so that I had to skip last month's news update.
Much behind the scenes work. As you may imagine knitting samples and pulishing patterns is just a small part of all the work that goes into a design until it is ready to be published. 
But of course those are the most exciting parts of the process and the ones that are most interesting to post about. Whereas the not so interesting and "share-worthy" times include sitting in a bubble and designing, doing the math, writing up pattern drafts to knit a sample from and then refine and perfect until a pattern for testing is created, of course the test itself which usually takes several weeks and finally the last finalizing steps to get the pattern ready for publishing as well as creating all the materials and content that need to go with it. All those steps involve a lot of care, attention and love.
Besides that there's always a lot of behind the scenes that takes place in termes of running a business, especially since most of us are a one-woman-show.

But let's get back to what's new!

New pattern - Alora skirt

There is a new pattern available in my Ravelry Store - Alora!



If you are like me and like to wear your knitted pieces all year round, then this is one to consider for you: 

Alora is a very feminine knee length skirt that uses negative ease to create its flattering shape and accentuate your beauty. It’s intended to be worn high at the waist and uses a pretty and simple knit and purl pattern for super relaxing knitting and a stretchy fabric that allows for a very comfortable fit.
You can use any DK weight yarn you have in your stash and you will get the perfect not-too-hot-yet-not-too-cold skirt for in between seasons. Alora is available in seven sizes.

You don't have to knit sweaters only. Personally, I appreciate a nice change from time to time. So why not knit a skirt for yourself? I promise you’ll be surprised by how wonderfully warm, beautiful and comfy you’ll feel.

For more info on construction and sizing please see the pattern page.

I am very happy to finally be able to offer a new skirt pattern for you. Especially since I know how many of you loved my Amaranth skirt. And also now for Alora I've gotten positive feedback already in the test knitting stage. I'm looking forward to see many beautiful projects!
Please use #Aloraskirt and don't be shy to tag me @thedrizzleofhoney on Instagram when sharing your project so I and everyone else can find it easily to share the joy.


Sorley shawl

Currently I'm sample knitting on my next design: Sorley shawl.

This two colored shawl has a little different construction. No classic crescent or triangle shape. I often find myself craving a more unique shape of shawl when spring is about to arrive.
Starting point is a center diamond shape where stitches will then be picked up along the sides to work the shawls wings adding texture and pattern throughout.

Each of those wings has one of the two colors used as dominant and the other as contrast.

For the sample I'm using Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Atlantico and Butia. This is of course a fingering weight hand dyed merino yarn. This kind of yarn is always so wonderful to work with especially for shawls. And I know I'm not alone there ;)

So, I'm very excited for this design and how it will turn out. Yes, a test knit for this design will start soon. I will have to finish the sample (a little more to work on the second wing) and then put the pattern in testing shape. :) Follow me on Instagram and join my Ravelry group if you want to know first when the party starts! 

Next design - summer top

For my next design I have also started working on a summer top. Although I feel I am a little bit behind on the schedule on this one. But no worries, I will catch up! 

It will be a short sleeved, top-down, seamless, round yoke construction with a texture pattern in the yoke and stockinette body. I am already thrilled about the design. And it will be my first not free summer top. My other summer tops have been free patterns. So I hope you will love this one just as much as the other ones :)

Have a wonderful weekend and happy easter to you all!



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