Christmas Hyacinths

At the autumn-sale at the garden centre I saw these christmas hyacinths for almost no money. On the package it says that they will flower until christmas if you have them inside at a warm and light place.

Usually you use a special vase to grow hyacinths until christmas. But I don't have one of those, so I'm going to reuse some remaining plastic flower pots from the summer.

As they don't look very nice I thought I will just knit some cozies for them :) This way I will also learn how to knit circular! 
For my first cozy, I decided to just use the knit stich because it's the easiest one and since it's my first try, I can concentrate on learning the technique and don't have to focus on the pattern all the time. 
But first I planted the flower bulbs in order to allow them to start growing some rootes until my cozies are ready. If you want to try this on your own, here is how you do it:

1. Place some of these small clay clumps at the bottom of the pot. This way there is no water accumulating in the pot. (some little stones work fine as well)

2. Cover the clay clumps with some soil and add a little bit of water. Then place the bulb and fill around with soil. 
3. Firmly press the soil. Water sufficiently but not too much ;) 

Now slip over the cozy and put the pot in a light and warm place. 

On the picture you can see my first circular knitting project :) It took me two attempts but I did it! 
I have one note on circular knitting for you: While you usually knit on the right side and on the wrong side, in circular knitting you only knit on the right side. This means for example if you want to have a stocking stich (like I did for this first cozy), you only use knit stich (no purl stiches in every second row). That's because you only knit in one direction, not "back and forth" as in your normal knitting projects. So, think about this if you want to circular knit patterns.
I am going to try some patterns for the remaining three cozies. I'll let you know how it went! ;)

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