For my sister's birthday I made her a cute mini-bag. She can use it as a nice desktop catch-all at work or at home for different purposes from storing fruit in the kitchen, collecting small items in the bathroom or in the living room.

My little versatile mini-bag has a diameter of 16 cm and is about 8 cm high. The bottom is crocheted. To crochet a circle is not hard:

1. crochet 10 single crochet stiches (sc) into a magic ring
2. increase (inc) 10x (make two sc from the same stich)
3. *sc, inc*, repeat from * to *
4. *2 sc, inc*, repeat from * to *
5. *3 sc, inc*, repeat from * to *
6. sc in every stich
7. *4 sc, inc*, repeat from * to *
8. sc in every stich
repeat round 7 and 8 until your desired diameter is reached.

The basket around the bottom is knitted. It's one of the easiest patterns you can use: the garter stich. So, basically just cast on as many stiches as high you want the basket to be (if you want to fold it on top for more stability like me cast on about 1/2 to 2/3 more stiches) and then knit (garter stich) until it suits your needed circumference. (just test it from time to time).
If your basket is ready, cast off your stiches and sew everything together, using a simple mattress stich.

I also added two crochet flowers. One of them I decorated with a small button. But that's up to you and how you like it. There are hundreds of different ways how to crochet flowers. Just google crochet flower and pick the ones you like! :) Have fun!

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