Knitting Nancy Rug

Some time ago, when we had to move the garden furniture into the winter garden, I thought something's missing here... a rug would be nice! And then I found my good old Knitting Nancy! :) And the plan was made! ;) I want to create a rug for the winter garden using the Knitting Nancy.
And that's how it turned out:

But let's start at the beginning. I think everyone knows the Knitting Nancy and knows how to use it. So I'm not going to write a lot about it. And so everyone knows that it takes time...a lot of time ;)

Every once in while you should try how long your wool rope is by placing it in a circle shape. You can do it also to take a look if you like the colours and of course to keep you motivated  by seeing how far you got. But when the day comes, and your knitted wool rope is long enough, you can take the next step. Crochet! :)

I crocheted the Knitting Nancy wool rope in circles in order to get my rug :) Just roll it up in a snail-like shape and very loosly crochet around it. Use normal single crochet stiches, make a stich into the next stich, get the yarn from behind the wool rope and finish your single crochet stich in front of it.
I used a multi-coloured yarn for the crocheting part.
As finnishing step I added fringes :)

Now it's much more cozy in our winter garden. :)

Time for a hot chocolate to enjoy the evening... :) 

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