Winter Christmas Wreath

As it was first advent on sunday, I wanted to make a winter wreath :)

As a base I used some old packaging paper and to form a circle and wrapped it with adhesive tape. This way I got a nice structure to work with.

Some time ago, I found an old fabric that I bought when I moved into my first flat in Sweden. It has a nice colour and therefore I used it for my christmas wreath :) 
I sewed it together with some grey jute decorative fabric in order to get a nice background. 

In the next step, I wrapped my background fabric around the base of the wreath and secured it with double sided adhesive tape. Looks already pretty nice... ;)

For decoration I crocheted a poinsettia. There are several free patterns available on the internet, I got mine from PlanetJune Blog.
I crocheted two very nice snowflakes in blue and grey as well. And to finalize the wreath I also made five mini pompoms :) 

I used hot glue to attach all the decorations (except the poinsettia). 
And that's how the finished winter christmas wreath looks like: 

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