My own autumn wreath

Something I always wanted to do: creating my own door wreath. This autumn I did it!
I just picked a nice sunny day to go out and collect some things that I could use for my wreath. So I grabbed some leaves, cones and grasses.

The next step is to create circle to glue everything onto. I used ordinary newspaper for this and wrapped it in aluminium foil. Ready is the base.

In the next step I wrapped my newspaper circle  with some young branches because they are still flexible.

After that I glued some branches onto the wreath to get a nice background.

And the last step is the creative part: decoration! :) just glue everything you collected outside onto the wreath.
And here is my nice door autumn wreath:

Just try it for yourself, it's cheap, easy and a hundred times more beautiful than a bought one. And it makes a lot of fun if you do it together with someone else or your kids.
Have fun! :)

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