Midnight Blue Button Cowl

Unfortunately it's not yet spring. But that's not too bad, because I finished my Midnight Blue Button Cowl! :)

I saw a similar cowl somewhere while browsing around. It was just a photo of an ad, so there was no pattern. And I think it was crocheted. (mine is knitted) Anyway, I liked it and thought I want to have something like that.

After a few days of thinking and trying some things, I got my own pattern ready! :)

First thing to do: Picking yarn. One of the best parts! :)
For this cowl, I decided to use Drops Alpaca. It is made from 100% Alpaca.
Because, as you already know, I like my garment very soft and super cozy :)
I used 4 skeins (á 50g) for this cowl because I knitted with two strands of yarn at the same time. Two skeins would be enough but I wanted to create a "thicker yarn" to give the cowl a more bulky look.

I'm really happy how the cowl turned out. I like the shape and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the braids!
It buttons up in the front which is of course very practical because you don't need to pull the cowl over your head. (big plus!!) And the wooden buttons I used and combined with silver sparkling thread create a nice eye catcher, as well.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! :)

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