Cute Sewing Machine Cover

I absolutely didn't like the plastic cover that came with my sewing machine. Therefore, I made my own :) And it combines three of my favorite crafts: knitting, crocheting and sewing.

My sewing machine came with a plain white plastic cover. At least there was one, but it was not very nice looking and it smelled badly. And that simply doesn't work for me at all. 

So, I started to think about what kind of cover I would like to have. Of course: something that involves not only sewing, but also knitting and crocheting! And it should have as many colours as possible! :)
I used this project for testing some new techniques and patterns, as well.

First, I measured the size of my sewing machine and started to crochet one side and knit the other side. On the crocheted part I tried some new patterns like the shell pattern (orange and grey) or the star pattern (the white one in the upper half).

On the knitted part I got to try the stranded knitting technique which is multi-coloured knitting. I always wanted to knit something with a coloured pattern but never tried to do it. I can say this definately requires some practicing but I'm really satisfied with my first try ;)

To sew knitted and crocheted pieces needs some caution. Of course the pieces are extremely flexible and sometimes also a bit uneven at the edges. They are thicker than fabric, as well. One thing you also have to make sure is that the stiches don't get caught by the presser foot. May you don't sew with too much speed and use a flexible stich like the zigzag stich. 

To make the final sewing onto the pink fabric easier, I sewed the knitted and crocheted piece onto some old fabric at first. 
This took some time because I had to change colours for almost every seam. (which made me realize I may need some more bobbins ;) )

After that I measured the machine again in order to cut the right length of the cute pink fabric I've chosen for the middle part of the cover. 

With right sides together I sewed around the cover. In the corners I made diagonal incisions in the fabric to be able to form a corner with the fabric. 

Then, the only thing that's left is to turn the whole thing inside out and the sewing machine cover is ready for use! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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