Aubergine Cocoon Sweater

Spring is here! Now the winter coat can be sent back to the closet :) And so, today, I've got some pics of the Aubergine Cocoon Sweater for you, designed by myself :)

For this nice sweater I ordered some high quality yarn from Lana Grossa. I used Merino extra fine yarn (this kind of yarn is also called Baby Merino) which is a very soft yarn that gives the sweater a super cozy cocoon feel. This merino yarn is 100% new wool (very skin-friendly because it breathes) and superwash-treated which means it can be machine washed. So, it's suitable for everyday use.
Because of the tight gathering of the merino hair, the yarn is elastic and holds its shape, as well as it is light and cool on the skin. (yes, I like merino yarn ;) )

I already gave you a quick sneak peak on the sweater some time ago. Now I want to show you how great and beautiful the sweater has turned out! :)
Some details: It buttons up on the left side which I really like, as it creates a nice eyecatcher in combination with the moss stich border.
I decided to knit a horseshoe cable both on the front and on the back. I definately like this cable because you don't see it everywhere and because I think it's simply beautiful.
Another detail I think is very cute: The rolling up collar. It breaks the overall stockinette stich and adds a bit of optical movement how I think. It just rounds it off. <3

All those details, the super super soft yarn in aubergine and grey, my own design and feeling the spring sun on my skin just makes happy! :)

So, how do you like the sweater?

Have a wonderful weekend! <3

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