Crocheted Spring Wreath

After some days of rain, the sun is finally shining again! :)
Therefore, I've got to show you the crochet spring wreath that's now decorating our front door.

Just a note before I start: This would be a great scrap yarn project as well. I used some worsted weight yarn, but you're free to use any kind of yarn you have at home. It doesn't really matter, as long as it has a lot of colour, it will be looking nice! :)
But first things first: The thing to start with is of course the wreath base. Well, here you've got different options. You can buy a round styrofoam ring. Then you've got a great shape, perfectly round, perfectly even, the easiest way.

I made my own base wreath, like I already did with my Christmas wreath and my autumn wreath. I used some old packaging paper and some tape. Old newspaper or alumunium foil works perfectly fine, as well. It takes a little bit of time to form a nice round and even shape. But I think it doesn't have to be 100% perfect because the crochet sleeve will hide a bit of the unevenness.

Then you want to start to crochet the rainbow-sleeve. Use every colour you have or every colour you want, the more colourful the better! :) Simply crochet a rectangular shape, starting by making as many chain stiches as it needs to fit the circumference of your base wreath. My wreath base has a circumference of about 12 cm and I needed 18 chain stiches to fit it. But this depends on your base wreath's circumference, your yarn and your hook size. (I used a 4 mm hook.)
Quick tip: You want your sleeve rather a little bit tight fitted than risking it being too loose. It just gives a better appearance in the end.

While crocheting on, from time to time check if your sleeve is already long enough.
When you're ready, you've got something funny looking like this. ;)

Next, you want to weave in all those ends.
(You may do the weaving in during your crocheting process. This way you don't have all those "hundreds" to do at the same time at the end.)

In the next step, you take the two ends of the sleeve (inside out) and connect them. Simply hold the ends together and sew them together. One stich at a time, go up and down through the stiches. Weave in the yarn tail and turn the sleeve around. 

Now place the wreath base onto the sleeve and start sewing it up.

At first it looks a bit sloppy but take care to sew evenly. Always connect the crochet stiches that belong together. (it's very easy to see because of the different colours you've used) This way, you don't have to worry if the sleeve will fit at the end. Also, it doesn't have to be a very nice seam because it will be hidden on the back of the wreath anyway... 

Great! The rainbow sleeve is finished! :)

Now let your creativity explode! ;) Make as many, as colourful and as varoius flowers as you like! On the internet there are hundreds of patterns for crochet flowers. 
I chose three different flowers and used free patterns that I found on different sites. I will provide you with the links to the patterns. 

The first flower (the smaller ones on both sides) are Molly flowers. You can find the pattern and a nice tutorial on how to make these here. You can make them in different sizes simply by using differnt yarn and/or different hook sizes. Experiment with the colours, too! 

The big yellow one on the left side is a simple ruffle flower. The pattern is from craftpassion, you can find it here

And the pattern for the big orange and pink one on the right you can find here on lovestiches.

In the end, you just sew all the flowers onto your wreath or you can use hot glue to attach them. It's up to you and what you prefer ;)

And then the wreath is ready to be hung on the door! Have fun!! :)

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