Coloring Easter Eggs

I wish you all a very happy Easter!!

This year, I tried some new ways to colorize eggs. If you want to know how, read on! ;)

These are the packages my sister sent me to make some fancy eggs for easter. Of course I'm curious and tried it :)

There are two different types. The first one is called shell gloss. The gloss is a color that you have to mix with the basic color you want.
The second one is the gold/silver glitter. You color the eggs in a basic color at first and afterwards you apply the glitter from a little sheet.

Ok, let's start! :)
First, prepare the kitchen by covering the surface with newspaper. On the left you can see the gold and silver sheets for the glitter effect.
Meawhile, cook as many eggs as you want to color. They have to still be hot when you color them.

The first step is to seperate the colors from each other. Then they have to be melted with some hot water. After giving them a good shake they can be cut open and the fun is about to get started! :)

Put on gloves. Then you put some drops of the colour (or several colours if you want to) onto your hands and roll the egg in it. In this picture I used blue, red and the shell gloss color.
This one just has to dry when finished coloring. In my opinion the gloss effect is not as nice as I hoped it would be. Although, it's very easy to make and absolutely suitable for doing it with kids! :)

For the glitter ones, you color them in one color (of course you can also use several colors) and then you let them dry for a minute. When they get sticky you take a sheet of gold or silver glitter and rub the egg with it, shiny side of the sheet up. I advise to use your fingernails for this step.

This gives a really nice effect I think! I like it :)
But I have to say it's kind of a small timeframe when the color on the eggs gets sticky and you actually can apply the glitter. If you are not fast enough, it's too late and the glitter doesn't last anymore.

Tadaa! Aren't they nice?! Very fancy easter eggs this year... ;)

We don't have the best weather yet but it's supposed to get better over the weekend. But it's very nice anyway :)
Have a nice easter weekend with your families everybody! :) 

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