My favorite summer recipes: Coffee Syrup

Summer is here, and there's nothing better than being outside and enjoy the warm breeze, the sun and some of summer's specials like lots of fruits and different sweets.
This is why I want to start a new series to share my favorite summer recipes with you!
Throughout the summer I will share all kinds of recipes of the things that I make and those I especially like :)

Here we go!
My favorite Summer Recipes Series

I looove coffee! And I know a lot of you do too! ;) I am also a fan of cappuccino, latte machiato, frappé and so on... and of course sometimes you want a seasonal flavor. Instead of bying expensive syrups, I decided to make them by myself! In the summer one of my absolute favorites is the coffee syrup!

It goes so great with a lot of things! Of course, first thing that comes mind: Iced coffee or chocolate! :) But, for example, it is an outstanding baking ingredient as well. It's the perfect topping for many desserts or on top of ice cream. Or try it in making cocktails! You can also put some of the syrup in cold milk and froth the milk - and you just got yourself a really nice milk shake... you see, the possibilities are endless ;)
And here is how you can make your own coffee syrup!

Ingredients for about 200ml of Coffee Syrup:
180g ground coffee
500ml water
160g sugar

Put ground coffe and water in a pot and let them simmer for about 20 minutes while enjoying this georgeous smell... :) Make sure to stir from time to time, especially the last 5-10 minutes because the water boils away over time.

Now, using a cotton cloth or any other kind of filter (like normal coffee filters), filter the coffee.

Now you have got coffee concentrate. Add the sugar and cook for another 8-10 minutes, so the sugar can caramelize. (You can add a shot of rum or whiskey after cooking if you're in the mood ;) )

Rins out a glas or bottle with hot water and fill it with your finished coffee syrup. Close it. And that's it! Pretty easy... ;) The syrup will thicken while cooling down. When it's lukewarm you can put it in the fridge and it gets even thicker. You can have this syrup for months because of all the sugar it contains. (although mine never lasts that long ;) )

It's kind of the same procedure with all the other kinds of syrup, so in my opinion there's no need to buy the expensive ones at the store. Unless you want something extra special, like grenadine or something. (this, I would buy ;) )

Now it's up to you how you use it! As I said, I think it's great with a lot of things!
But be aware: This is highly concentrated caffeine, so it's not suitable for children or other persons that are sensitive to caffeine!

PS. This coffee syrup is also a very great gift! Easy to make, inexpensive, time saving and it will be highly appreciated for sure! ;) So, if you are looking for a nice little guest present to bring for your next garden party or even birthdays - here you've got one! :)

Try it for yourself! Have fun!
/Stefanie :)

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