My favorite summer recipes: Mint'n'Lemon Iced Tea

Today I've got something very simple and refreshing on hot summer days for you. One of my favorite Iced Tea recipes: The Mint'n' Lemon Iced Tea :)

What you need:
Peppermint or herbal tea
half a lemon
mint leaves
ice cubes
and some honey or sugar if you like

First thing to do: Cook some peppermint tea (as I prefer because it gets the most refreshing with peppermint in my opinion :) ) or use any other herbal tea you like. Let it cool down and put it in the fridge after some time.

Cut one half of the lemon into slices. If you use organic lemon, which I recommend, you can keep the peel. This will add some more flavour, especially if you slightly scratch the peel a bit before slicing.
Put the lemon slices together with as much ice cubes as you like and some mint leaves (the more leaves the more flavour ;) ) into a big pitcher. You may rub the leaves a bit between your fingers before adding them, this way all of their flavour is set free.
You can add some honey or sugar (or maybe some apple juice) here if you want it to be a little bit sweet :)

Now just pour the cooled tea over your ice cubes and mix everything together. And there you go! It's just that simple! :)
The perfect garden party drink - quick, simple & delicious! :)

This is absolutely one of my favorite cold drinks in the summer! I also planted some peppermint in the garden this year, so from next year on, I can even make my own peppermint tea as well - YAY! :)

So, enjoy summer time with some fresh peppermint & lemon iced tea :)

Have a great day everyone! :)

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