Knit Your Cables Afghan KAL - week 8

There are four weeks left in the afghan KAL that I'm attending. And since I've already got a nice little pile of squares, I want to show them to you :)

So, here they are: All of the twelve squares that I made for the afghan KAL so far.
It's 5 squares of bias garter stich (spread all over the place and still 5 to go ;) ), honeycomb trellis (top row on the left), ensign's braid with XO panels (top row on the right), stockinette cables (middle row on the left), snake cables (middle row in the middle), horseshoe cable with twists (middle row on the right), checkerboard cables (lower row on the left) and a basic cable square (lower row on the right).

So far I'm really having fun making this afghan :) Because it's made in squares, you can always sqeeze in knitting one of them during the week.
I also like the patterns, although some are more fun to knit than others ;) But these are my favorites so far:
(the ensign's braid is just so gorgeous... <3 )

It's a great way to try some patterns and get to know the cable process in knitting a little better. I even learned to knit small cables without a cable needle from this KAL :)

During the final week it'll all be about putting everything together. Mattress stich will be the recommended method. I'm already thinking about a different kind of joining all the squares. I'll maybe use crochet instead of traditional seaming with mattress stich. But I'm still thinking about this, how to do that exactly. (which stiches would be nice, using the same yarn or not, which color,...)
Of course I'll share with you my method of choice and how this will be performed :) I still got some time to figure everything out ;)

So, stay curious! :)
Have a great week everyone!

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