BEALIN Infinity Scarf

During the last weekend I was visiting a friend in Berlin. Her name is Beate and she is a digital designer for motion, 3D and screen design. She also designed my logo for this blog.
As a thank you-gift, I made her a special Infinity Scarf to wear during the cold Berlin-winter :)

I am so happy, I can finally write this post! This scarf has been ready a while now, but I couldn't post it because the scarf was meant to be a surprise for my old study-friend Beate :)
For as long as I know her, she always wanted to go to Berlin after finishing her studies. And SHE DID IT! :) I'm very proud of her for following her dream even if it's not always very easy - but what is?!
Anyway, her Berlin-dream got a name some day: an amalgamation of her own name and the city of Berlin:
Beate + Berlin = BEALIN :) I really love this! It's SO her <3

Beate also supported me all the time along the way. And so she made the logo for my blog. And it turned out SO great! :) As a thank you I wanted to give her a knitted gift. Soon, I was determined that it's gonna be a scarf. From this day on, I had at least ten ideas every day. But then, I got the idea of knitting her own logo (the BEALIN logo) on her scarf. That's it! This idea felt just right and I thought about how to realize this idea and what yarn I am going to use.

So, I took a pen and some paper and her logo and designed it for being knitted. I decided to knit it in stockinette on a garter stich background. I chose Drops Karisma yarn in dark grey blue (no. 37) for her because it's soft, 100% virging wool, as well as superwash treated. (I originally wanted to have one of the mixed colors, but unfortunately they were not available in my yarn store. But I love the dark blue! And Beate really liked it, too! ;) )

Below is a picture of the unfinished scarf while blocking. In daylight you can see the knitted logo a bit better. But it doesn't matter if anyone can see the letters all the time while she is wearing the scarf. The scarf is made just for her and it's simply one of a kind, just like she is :)

I also added two cards: one with some washing and handling advise and one containing some suggestions on the many possibilities to wear this beautiful infinity scarf.

I packed everything in a nice box, protected by some packaging paper, like you can see on the picture below.

And last weekend we finally could meet in Berlin! :) When I gave her the present, I noticed that she teared up a tiny little bit - but don't tell anyone! ;) She was overwhelmed by the nice idea to knit the BEALIN logo onto a scarf and had many questions :) I was really really happy that she liked the scarf :) Now she never ever has to be freezing anymore during winter! ;)

I also had like two balls of this yarn left after finishing this scarf. And since I fell in love with the scarf myself, I also knitted something for me :) What it is, I am going to show you in a few days... :)

For me it was such a pleasure and great feeling of happiness being able to meet up with Beate after a long time and giving her this scarf, seeing her being happy about it and loving the feel and the look of the scarf. That's simply priceless to me. It was just the most wonderful feeling.
I hope you all know this feeling and were able to make someone this happy in your life. It's the small things that make it special. And it's the small things that let us differentiate the people that are special to us and our life from all others.

I wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend everyone!

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