Autumn Light Cable Blanket

It's done! The twelve week cabled afghan knit-along has come to an end and I finally finished my blanket! Let me show it to you... :)

Since we had a nice and sunny weekend (right now there's usually only dark clouds and rain), I took my new blanket to the nearest lake :) Inspired by the beautiful atmosphere, the warm colours and the soft lights of this autumn afternoon, I gave the blanket its name :)

During the Knit-along I knitted 20 squares to make the blanket. Ten of them are in cable patterns (I already showed them to you during the progress of the KAL) and ten are made in bias garter stich. So, as you can see in the picture below, the cabled squares and garter squares are alternating throughout the blanket.
The final measurement of the blanket is about 1,10m x 1,20m.

While knitting all the squares, I thought about crocheting them together instead of using mattress stich. In the end I still decided to use mattress stich anyway. I tried some different crochet stiches to connect the suqares, but nothing really catched my eye.
I also decided to do a simple knit boarder. I thought about doing something more fancy, but since there's already a lot going on because of all those different cables, I wanted to make a simpler edging but use a different colour.

The advantage of this knitted-on boarder is that there's no additional seaming necessary. (after all those mattress stiches... ;) ) And for all of you that want to use this technique, I also made a tutorial for you about

I hope you'll like it.
Have a wonderful week!


If you are looking for the KAL patterns, click here

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