Lacy Love Cowl

Fall is here and therefore it's official knitting season! :) Ok, actually, for me knitting season is all year round :) But still: Time for some Fall Knitting! Yay! Enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea during the late afternoon when the sun starts going down (days are getting noticeably shorter here in Sweden now) and grabbing your knitting project - relaxing heaven! :)

My latest project is the Lacy Love Cowl, that I want to show you today and as usual, provide you with the pattern :)

I had about two and a half balls of the lovely Drops Karisma yarn left from knitting the BEALIN Infinity Scarf. And since I fell in love with the scarf myself: I simply had to knit a cowl!

It was quite a quick knit. (little more than two balls of yarn..) I found a pretty pattern and started knitting. It's a relatively simple lace patern with some more solid leaf areas in the middle. I really like it, it's beautiful!

Usually for lace patterns you use finer yarn (Drops Karisma is worsted weight) but I think the cowl became so pretty! I will definately use lace patterns for this kind of yarn and projects again.

The lace pattern  I used for this cowl is a pattern from Berroco.

And I have to say: I just love the feel of virgin wool. That's why I love the Karisma yarn this much. It's soft and very warm, even if you're knitting a lacy pattern. Virgin wool by nature is heat- and humidity regulating so there's no sweating with this cowl! Only cozy and comfy warmth...

The cowl can also be worn as a nice and snug shrug... :)
(I love pieces with mutiple wearing options!! :) )

And it also cuddles me warm and happy - I love you soft lacy blue cowl <3 :)

New favorite knitted piece: check!

Fall knitting in prep for colder temperatures: check!

Easy to knit but beautiful pattern: check!

Can be worn in a casual and stylish way even when not that cold: check!

Comes with multiple wearing options: check!

Soft yarn in great color: check!

Makes happy: double check!! :)

I wish you all a golden fall and a wonderful weekend! :)

PS. Like all my knitting projects, this cowl can also be found on Ravelry! ;)

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