I would like to introduce you to my new category here on the blog: WIP-Wednesday! :)

Every other wednesday I want to show my Work In Progress. What I am currently working on, how my projects are progressing and I want to tell you a little bit about what might be difficult or especially great while knitting my current projects :)
I hope you will like the new category. If you have any suggestions or questions about what interests you or what you want to see more of - feel free to leave a comment!

So, let's start with my first WIP-Wednesday project post! :)

Red Lace Shawl

Right now I am knitting a second lace shawl, like the one I made in june this year. (you can also find the free pattern on the linked post)
My sister immediately wanted her own when she saw mine :) So, she is getting one in red (like she wanted, we will see if it's gonna be for her birthday in november or Christmas ;) )

I used the same lace yarn as for my own shawl, only a red color: Garnstudio Drops Lace. This yarn is a mix of 70% alpaca and 30% silk which makes it super soft and a little shiny.

The shawl is knitted in two halfs and then grafted toether. As you can see in the picture below, I made it half the way now. ;) The white rows at the end of this half of the shawl are for grafting later on. They're not part of the finished shawl. ( I showed you how this is done in the post from july - see link above)

I think it's always funny how crumpled lace knits look when you knit them. Their real beauty appears only after blocking.

Knitting a project that is going to be a gift for someone you love is always a special pleasure to me. I enjoy it very much. As the project progresses I already get excited and curious about that persons face when they open their gift and see and feel their new knitted garment for the first time :)

Are you feeling the same way?

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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