Oct 29, 2014

WIP-Wednesday: Design Experiment

Some time ago, I started a design experiment for myself. It's going to be a cabled sweater but I don't know yet how it's exactly gonna look when it's finished.

How does the experiment work? Well, the design process, as well as the sweater, are quite unconventional. I thought I want to design it kind of "on-the-go". I'll just start and think about how the different parts (body, sleeves, collar) should look. I just had a rough idea about the shape.

So, first thing I did was choosing some yarn I liked :)
I decided to use Drops Karisma yarn in beige brown. It is superwash treated, soft virgin wool with a meterage of about 100m/50g (109yards).

For the body part I used 5mm circular needles. Since I create the sweater as I make it, I started by combining some of my favorite cables for the body part.
The body part is one long square that was grafted together at the end when it was finished.

Now I’m adding the ribbing for the lower edge.
I decided to knit a diagonal ribbing.

So, this is where I am right now with this project. Next thing, after the ribbing is finshed, will be the sleeves. I'm not quite sure how they are going to look like yet. :)

I’m working on this for some time now and that’s what makes this one so special to me :) Figuring out how to make the parts and designing them as I see the progress - it is a wonderful experience of designing!
Sometimes the project lies around for some time and then one morning you have this great idea!
I’m a little bit torn all the time, but that’s also what excites me about it. So, it’s kind of a bad romance
we got there ;)
It’s definately worth the experience of this designing experiment! :)

Right now, I am a little busy knitting some birthday and Christmas presents, so this project is a little bit on hold. Also, unfortunately, I can't share those projects that I am making now with you here on the blog because then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore... So, that's why I'm not posting that much at the moment. But I will definately show you every one of them!! :) (you just have to be patient... ;) )

Well, I hope you like this project that I showed you today and maybe you want to try something like this for yourself some time...

Have a great week everyone!!


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