1 Year of Blogging

This weekend I am celebrating my first year of blogging! :)

I hope you all had some Halloween fun yesterday and are in sugar coma by now ;)

I had another reason to celebrate as well: The Drizzle of Honey Blog is turning 1! :) It's unbelievable, I'm already blogging for a whole year now! And I am having the best time with it! :)

I love to share projects, patterns and tutorials with you! This blog is very important for me and became a significant part in my life throughout the past year.

I want to use this moment to thank all of you my dear readers and followers <3 In the last few months  you became some more on facebook and pinterest. And I am SO HAPPY about every single one of you! <3

I also got two features and created my first own knitting pattern (see on the sidebar to the right)  which I am very proud of! Many of you liked it very much, favorited it on Ravelry and downloaded the pattern. This makes SO GLAD, you won't belive it! :) :)
I learned so much while doing this blog. About all the technical stuff that comes with blogging, social media, photography, image editing and of course I learned A LOT about knitting techniques and finishing! :) It's always a lot of fun and there is SO SO SO much more that I want to learn to make the blog and my posts even better! :)

Now, before I'm getting all sentimental, let me just thank you again for your love and support and I hope you'll enjoy the next year with me too!

Cheers! Or as we say in Sweden: SKÅL! :)

Hugs and kisses! <3
Stefanie :)

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