WIP-Wednesday: Cabled Sweater - Front

In todays WIP-Wednesday post I want to show you the cabled sweater that I'm currently working on.

Since we still have snow (that's slowly, but truely melting ;) ) and low temperatures aaand there was a sale on Drops loves you #4 yarn, I decided to make a sweater for myself.

It's the "Drops Tunic in Eskimo with cables" in the picture to the left. (that's what they call it, until now I also haven't got a nice name for this one)
You can find the free pattern HERE. (the picture is taken from the pattern page)

This one has been in my queue for some time now. Looks really cozy! But I was waiting for the right yarn to come around. (also because this pattern is quite a yarn eater, but that's ok, I mean, sweaters do take a lot of yarn)

Like I said, there was a sale on the Drops loves you #4 yarn. This is not the kind of yarn the pattern is written for, but that's no problem!

I never used this yarn before, so it was a little bit of a spontaneous decision to order some balls and use them for this pattern.
It's Aran weight yarn (75m/50g) and it's really soft (much softer than I imagined), made from 55% alpaca, 40% wool and 5% linen.
I am using color 6920 which is a dark blue.

The original pattern is written for using a super bulky yarn (e.g. Drops Eskimo 49m/50g), so I had to change the pattern a bit for the yarn I am using (which is aran weight). I also wanted the sweater to be a bit shorter.
I use a 5mm needle (and 4mm only for the ribbing) and my gauge is 16sts/22rows = 10cm.

I used the measurements for size S (numbers can be found at the end of the original pattern), but made it about 10cm shorter (because I am short :) and I want a sweater, not a dress :) ). I also changed the cables that are on the sides from 6sts to 8sts cables.

For those of you that are interested in making a "lighter" version of this sweater, here are my changes for the front part of the sweater. (that's what I have knitted so far)

My Changes for the front part:

CO 75 with 4mm needle.
1 edge st, k3, p4, end with k3 and edge stich.
Repeat for 4 cm.

Then p2tog in every purl section (make 3 purl stiches out of those 4) = 65 sts.
Keep on ribbing until there’s 8 cm, change to 5mm needles.

Main part:
1 edge st, k11, k2 (garter), p4, k2 in every st for the next 4 sts, p3, k3, p9, k3, p3, k2 in every st for the next 4 sts, p4, k2 (garter), k11, 1 edge st. (8 sts increased = 73 sts)
Next RS-row:
1 edge st, k11, k2 (garter), p4, pattern M1 (but knit it over 8 sts instead of 6), pattern M2a (=21sts), pattern M3 (again over 8 sts instead of 6), p4, k2 (garter), k11, 1 edge st.
Continue in pattern (cable M1 and M3 over 8 sts instead of 6 sts), Repeat pattern M2b 2 times vertically.

At the same time decrease while k2tog after/before edge stich on both sides.
Decrease 2 sts after 20cm, 25cm, 28cm and 30 cm. (10sts decreased)
Increase while kfb after 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm. (12sts increased)

Armhole shaping:
After 52,5cm BO at beginning/end of row: 3 sts once, 2sts twice and 1 st once.

Neckline shaping:
After finishing M2c (ca. 58cm), put middle 21 sts onto a holder and finish each side seperately. Continue with cable pattern.
K3tog on each side of neckline in everey 2nd row 3 times.
BO remaing sts after 72cm.

Here you can see a picture of my progress so far. I finished the front part yesterday.

Next, I will dig into the directions for the back part and apply my changes there and start knitting that part. :)

Just a little close-up, so you can see the cable pattern better. (pretty...)

It knits up rather quick, because of the aran weight yarn and the bigger needles. For me that's really fun right now, to see the project growing this fast.

Because I am busy with my collection, everything goes a bit slow, so that's a nice change.
I have my first testknit running for the collection right now. It's very exciting and also stressful for me because I am so nervous everytime I check the latest updates from my lovely testknitters. But everything will be fine. It's just all kind of new experiences for me.

I hope you like this post (that's the last "winter knit" I am making for now! ;) ) and maybe some of you will be queuing this one for the next winter to come ;) So far, this sweater gets a "thumbs up" rating from me. ;)

Have a nice week!!

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