WIP-Wednesday: Cabled Sweater - Back

It's time for some WIP-Wednesday and the progress of the cabled sweater I'm making! :)

I have adapted the pattern for the back part and finished knitting the back. :) So, now front and back are ready!

The back is knitted in simple stockinette with ribbing at the bottom. Therefore it knitted up more quickly than the front. (even though the front part was more fun of course ;) )
But this gave me time to also start with one sleeve.

But first, I want to give you the changed instructions for the back part (size S):

With 4 mm needles cast on 76 sts.
1 edge stich, repeat *p4, k3*, 1 edge stich.
Repeat for 4 cm.
Then p2tog in every purl section (make 3 purl stiches out of those 4) = 65 sts.
Keep on ribbing until there’s 8 cm, change to 5mm needles.
Now continue in stockinette. In the first row decrease 4 sts evenly. (=61 sts)

Like for the front part: Decrease while k2tog after/before edge stich on both sides. Decrease 2 sts after 20cm, 25cm, 28cm and 30 cm. (8sts decreased)
Increase while kfb after 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm. (10sts increased) (=63 sts)

Armhole shaping: After 52,5cm BO at beginning/end of row: 3 sts once, 2sts twice and 1 st once.

Neck: When there's ca. 3cm left (after 69cm), put middle 21 sts onto a holder and finish each side seperately. In the next row cast of 1 more stich on each side of the neck. Then finish until piece measures 72cm and bind of remaining stiches. Do the same for the other side.

I think when everything is ready, maybe I'll pack all the instructions into one pdf to download, if some of you would like this? I also could apply the changes to the other sizes, as well.

Because the back part knitted up that quick, I also had time to start with the sleeves.

I managed to make one of them for now.

You can't see this very good, the sleeve isn't blocked yet, but I addedd one of the diamond shapes from the front part to the upper part of the sleeve.
I also decorated the diamond a little by adding little cables below and above it.

I will give you the sleeve instructions in the next WIP-post. :)

The work on the collection also goes forward. The first design has been testknitted successfully :) Now I will soon have the second design up for testknitting. Currently, I am waiting for my yarn order to arrive, so I can keep knitting samples for the collection. This is very exciting! :)

Happy knitting everyone and a wonderful week!

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