WIP-Wednesday: How to join sleeves and body

WIP-update summer project: The sleeves are ready and I've already joined them to the body as well.
Now I want to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can do that if you're knitting a garment in one-piece construction from the bottom up.

I've successfully finished both of the sleeves for my one-piece cardigan. This means, I am ready for joining both sleeves and body together to start the raglan decreases.

This process is not nearly as hard as one might think. Most importantly you have to get your mind clear about the order of joing.
If that's set, then it's mostly like knitting one bis round including the sleeves.

But let's just get started! 


How to join sleeves and body in bottom-up construction in 6 easy steps:

Step 1

First, I recommend placing all three parts how they are going to be joined, just to get an overview of what you're doing.

As you're knitting from right to left, the set up for knitting will be right front panel, right sleeve, back, left sleeve and left front panel.

Tip: I recommend ending the body with a wrong side row. It will be easier to join when the next row is a right side row.

Step 2

Then, start knitting at the right front panel until the point where you're supposed to start the initial bind of for the sleeve cap.

Bind of half of the sts (in my case 3 sts out of 6) and slip the marker to the right hand needle.

Step 3

Then knit the sts from the first sleeve. Be careful to place it the right way. (sleeve increases should be towards the body)

After that (now working on the body again), bind of the other half of the initial bind of sts for the sleeve cap. (in my case 3 sts again). Place a new marker.

Step 4

Work across the back until the second initial bind off is supposed to start and the other sleeve is to placed.
Bind off half of the sts (same as for the first sleeve, in my case 3 sts) and slip the marker to the right needle.

Step 5

Be careful to place the sleeve the right way (increase side towards the body) and start knitting the sleeve.
Back on the body, bind off the other half of the initial bo sts and place another marker.

Step 6

Then knit across the let front panel and you're done!
You've joined the sleeves to the body! Wasn't that hard, was it?! :)

Now knit a few rows even and then start decreasing the sleeve caps as the pattern says.

Now only the final part is left. But I can already see how the cardigan will look like! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it may helps some of you.

Have a nice day everyone!

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