WIP-Wednesday: Lacy Back Pullover

I've started a new project. It's a pullover with a really nice lace pattern in the back.
The pattern is from the Filati Magazine and and has the great name # 43 Pullover. You can find the Ravelry pattern page here. But you can also find an english version on gracewang's project page! Just scroll a little down in her project notes.

This pullover had immediatly drawn my attention the first time I saw it. But I wa sunsure what yarn to use and when to knit it. And so it ended up in my queue so I don't forget about this lovely knit (as if I would ;) ).

Then the Drops sale wool edition came up (like every year) and I browsed a bit around and decided that I want to use the Karisma yarn for this project.
Altough the pattern calls for a bamboo yarn as this pullover is intended to be a spring/summer garment.

But I thought it would also make a very nice fall since I am not wearing that much pullovers when it's getting warmer. I'm more of a cardigan girl ;)
And so I chose Drops Karisma. I also found this great color called petrol cerise which really caught my eye!

Well for now, I've finished the back with this georgeous lacy pattern! I really enjoyed knitting this!
The bottom of the back has a slight curve that is shaped through short rows. This is another nice feature if you ask me! ;)
I like knitting short rows  and they make this design even more interesting in my opinion.

Take a closer look of the detail on the top! Simply pretty! :)

And so far, I am really loving the petrol cerise color! It's not that monotone like in normal solid colors. That's really nice for a change :)

I'm excited to move on to the front!

Have a great week!

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