WIP-Wednesday: Ready to seam! :)

All four parts are ready, now what's left is seaming! :)

The knitting is done!  

This is the front of the pullover. I thought about adding something to the plain stockinette, but probably that was just me being a little bit bored knitting this ;)
It's the absoulte contrast after knitting this lacy back in a non-repeating pattern and then knitting a plain front.

For a moment I thought, maybe I should have knitted the front first. But who am I kidding! With this pullover you will always start with the back! It's just too lovely and exciting! 

So, as you can see, I didn't add anything but I had some element from the super lovely back in mind. If I will knit this pullover again, maybe I'll change the front a bit.
Maybe some diagonal garter stripes coming from the back to the side of the front or something like that.

The sleeves were also super easy and in stockinette stich. They knit up quickly.

Now all parts are done, time for a short break and some appreciation.
Look at the nice color of the yarn! I so picked the right one! I really like the petrol-cerise colored wool for this project - pretty! :)

I'm sure you do this too: When all parts of a project are knitted I like to lay them out and look at them before I start seaming.
This way I can see what I have accomplished so far and gather some more energy and patience to start seaming the whole thing! :)

And that's what I am going to do next!

Have a great week everyone!

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