Lacy Back P.

The Lacy Back Pullover is finished! :) Now I can finally show it to you! It's soo pretty!!! <3
I am so happy! I love this pullover! Perfect for fall time right now!

I made the pullover according to the pattern in size S/M (the only one available).
But it would be easy to adapt the pattern for different sizes in my opinion. Because there is no waist shaping and the lace pattern in the back has mostly stockinette on the sides. Also the armhole depth it quite deep, so you could keep those instructions for a bigger size.
So in general, in my opinion it would not be rocket science to make another size.

The only thing I changed is that I made a little bit longer sleeves. (like I often do :) )
And I did not add the 3cm of ribbing around the collar.

The back is so beautiful!
I absolutely love the combination of the all over lace pattern and the rounded bottom with garter stripes.

And here again, for the neckline I didn't add ribbing like the pattern suggested. I simply picked up stiches around the neckline, knitted one row and casted off again. This looks much more neat in my opinion.

Here you can find my WIP-Wednesday posts for this project:

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And of course you can find this project on Ravelry.

If you're looking for an english version of the pattern, have a look further down in gracewang's project notes

Have a great weekend everyone!


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