Aidez Cardigan

It is finished! The absolute stunning Aidez Cardigan! :)

I am so happy! It turned out just perfect! My very own Aidez cardigan made from Drops Karisma.

The seed wishbone pattern on the sleeves is my favorite of all the cables in this cardigan.
I made the arms just a little bit longer. In this kind of garment I like to have them halfway down my hand.

Because of my slightly smaller gauge, I used the instructions for size M to get size S out of it - and it worked! :) (see my first WIP post on this project)
Í also skipped one row of the ear of corn pattern on the fronts in order to make a ribbed collar that can be buttoned up.

These are all the five parts of the cardigan that are about to be seamed together.

The neck extensions I left on hold and did not bind them off. I used kitchener stich to connect them at the end.

Now let's see the result! :)

Look how great this turned out! I am so happy with the result!

I made the fronts a few stiches wider because I wanted to be able to add some buttons. In the end, I used only four of my six buttons.
They look really nice with this cardi. Great choice - patting myself on the back! ;)

And having a little bit wider fronts gives a little more room, means comfort.

If you want to read a bit more about this, see also my second WIP post on this project.

It's just the perfect cardigan for the weather right now. And an absolute beautiful design. I found the instructions easy to follow as well. So, if your in the mood for some serious cable work - that's your go-to-project! I really had fun knitting this cardigan!

This cardigan is made from a free pattern (as you probably know), which you can find here
And of course you can find this project on Ravelry.

Have you made Aidez as well? Show me! Use the comment section below or you can also share your project with me on facebook!

I hope you're having a nice, happy and sunny fall :)


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