GIANT Antares

I am so excited! Because today I want to offer you all a free additional size for the Antares Shawl.
I knitted a very classic version of this pattern which I really love and would like to share with you.

It's my mom's birthday this week and I'm going to surprise her with a handknitted piece from my collection. I decided to make a classic version of the Antares Shawl.

For this project I used Garnstudio Drops Cotton Merino yarn which I got on sale thanks to the "Merino Mania"-sale that was going on at the Drops sellers until beginning of october. This is my first time working with this yarn and I liked knitting with it. It is very soft and it's a quality that you can use for all different kinds of projects that are worn all year round because of the cotton and merino blend. This yarn gives a neat stich definition as well, which is very important for the big geometric lace border of the shawl. And it makes the linen stich pop, what I love.

But now let me show you the shawl!

I so adore this big and soft shawl, I'd love to keep it for myself! Maybe (I'll just make another one then. :) )

Beige was the color of my choice because I wanted to make a classic garment. I added some wooden beads around the outer edge as well.
I used the beading instructions provided in the pattern, placing the beads only in the final beading row.

The finished shawl is about 40 cm deep and 155 cm long along the upper edge.
(62 x 16 inches)


So nice and big, you can really cuddle yourself up in this shawl.
For me it's long enough to wrap it twice around my neck. Keeps all the cold wind away - love it!

You can wear it in a more classic way, like a scarf or wrap.

Or you can give it a bit more volume and add extra coziness by using the whole width of the shawl and maybe even tie the ends together under the front.

Just play around with it!
Use the whole GIANT Antares! :)

But now it's time to share with you how you can knit your own GIANT Antares!


You can find this pattern as a pdf download in my Ravelry Store.
The pattern comes in two sizes: a smaller version of the shawl (approx. 100 cm x 33 cm / 39 inches x 13 inches) and a bigger version (approx. 120 cm x 38 cm / 47 inches x 15 inches).

If you want to make it exta big, like the one shown in this post, follow these instructions as an addition to the pdf pattern.

Instructions for GIANT Antares:

Set up:
CO 5 sts.
Then k2, kfb, kfb, k1. (=7 sts)

Then repeat rows 1 and 2 from the pattern 34 times in total, followed by row 1 once more. (=213 sts)

Then knit lace charts as stated in the pattern. (instructions for lace are provided as written instructions as well as charted)

The shawl will end up being approx. 155 cm wide and 40 cm high 
(62 x 16 inches) after blocking.
To knit this shawl you will need about 480 m (525 yards) of yarn.


I really hope you like this extra big version of the shawl as much as I do. And maybe you want to knit your own now!? I'd love to see pictures on Ravelry! 
You can of course find my project on Ravelry here

Have a great week and happy fall knitting everyone! :)


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